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Elina Jenkins

President / Co-Founder / Design Director

Elina Jenkins is the founder of Yellow Turtle Design LLC, and is now the founder, president, and design director for Basalt World Corp. Elina specializes in creating 3-D models and shop drawings, and has done this in the past for all of RAW's® concrete reinforcement innovations, creating presentations to go along with the designs.

Elina was born in Riga, Latvia where she was a teacher and interpreter for the deaf, she also taught English to deaf children. She’s fluent in Latvian, Latvian sign language, English and Russian, and moved here to the United States in 1994. In her free time, she loves to garden and even uses her basalt products for support (plants love basalt).

Elina who is a mother of two, spent over 10 years painting murals for children’s rooms. The flexible schedule was ideal and allowed her to spend quality time with her children. But as her kids grew her career grew with them, and Elina moved on to a different type of design.


Elina now specializes in computer aided design work. Elina joined RAW® in 2008 and has played a large role in progressing the company forward. More recently Elina’s been working on the graphics and CAD drawings of Basalt World Corps Lean Green FRP Rebar Machine™.

Elina attended the Art Institute in 2006, and in 2010 received a Bachelor of Science degree in Yacht and Marine Design. She’s also received her SolidWorks Associates certification and has over 10 years of CAD design experience under her belt. Elina has chosen to also further her education and is currently pursuing an associate degree in Business Management.

Chairman of the Board / Co-Founder

Director of R&D

At 66 Don has amassed over 50 years of experience managing startups from scale up to commercialization. Our Lean Green FRP Rebar Machine™ is spun largely out of technical discoveries Don Smith made while rigging, racing and subsequently winning both National and World Offshore Power Boat Championships. Racing boats aside, Don manages his company Smith Boats, where he produces (from scratch) private, commercial and military powerboats of his own design. Professional boat building is a complicated, technical and highly faceted business, one that has afforded Don invaluable experience with machines, electrical systems, metals, plastics and the resins, all of which are used to solidify structural textile materials such as Kevlar®, carbon, and fiberglass. In addition, Don Smith is arguably “the pioneering authority” on Basalt Fiber Reinforced polymer (BFRP). Don is politically active with the America Concrete Association and even sits on the board of the American Composite Manufacturers Association. Don is directly involved with developing the various codes these organizations come up with, and works closely with various Universities.

Don had an earlier career in steel reinforced concrete construction, and today his BFRP products stand poised to bring the lowest costing and highest performing material to the concrete reinforcement industry. Don recognizes now as perfect market timing and concludes that BFRP composites will prevail on a performance and cost basis (for among other things as well like solar panel frames, stands and sun trackers, wind turbine blades, compressed natural gas cylinders, the coaches, track, piling and tunnel reinforcement for maglev trains, etc., and yes, as a superior material from which to build boats and yachts). Much of Don’s success came by way of approaching technical problems from a different angle, something which ultimately resulted in his company’s brand with registered trademarks and mission statement.

Don Smith

Matthew DeFrancesco

Chief Operating Officer

Matthew DeFrancesco grew up in North Branford, Connecticut, playing hockey amongst other sports. After graduating from Notre Dame High School in 2013, he immediately began a career in the construction field, working on and eventually managing large construction projects for a sub-contracting company now known as Landmark Interiors. While working for Landmark the group mainly worked for a publicly traded, real estate/development group known as Avalon Bay. He started as a laborer, working his way up to supervisor and eventually project manager, working mostly on new ground up construction projects.


Matthew eventually left Landmark to become a founding partner in a startup, fast-casual, restaurant chain concept. While there Matthew acted as the Chief Operating Officer while searching for someone to fill the position permanently. Matthew was a key team member in raising over $1.5 million dollars for the venture, and oversaw the $1.3 million-dollar build out process, while working with different PR firms and Branding agencies to help bring the investment groups vision to life. While doing this he received a college degree in Business Management. Matthew successfully opened the first restaurant in the summer of 2016 and remained in Connecticut to manage the store for the first year of operation. After the successful launch and year 1 of the restaurant Matthew moved to West Palm Beach to pursue an opportunity to work for a first-time developer on the largest new development project in the City. He was employed as a Project Director with the Banyan Cay Development Team and handled a large portion of the project’s development scope, working side by side with the developer himself and the company’s President. At the same time Matthew also received a Real Estate Sales Associates license in the state of Florida.


Matthew is a strong leader with an eye for the big picture, always focused on what's next. After electing to use RockRebar® in place of steel for Jack Nicklaus’ signature golf clubhouse, and working with Basalt products first hand, Matthew saw an opportunity and realized that this was the future of the concrete industry and couldn’t wait to jump on board with Basalt World Corp.