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The Lean Green FRP Rebar Machine™

Cleaner - Greener - Easier

Purchase Yours Today and become a Manufacturing Partner of Certified RockRebar® Products


The Lean Green FRP Rebar Machine™ is a finely tuned, state of the art pultrusion machine designed to manufacture 5 different material types of composite rebar. Our machines produce configuration Type A FRP rebar (solid and round with a shape change induced by spiral winding and sand coating). Our machines are capable of running the following fibers; Basalt fiber (BFRP), fiberglass (GFRP), carbon fiber (CFRP), aramid fiber aka Kevlar® (AFRP), and even HEMP fiber (HFRP), foreseen as a new reinforcement on the horizon.

The fact that our machines were designed to manufacture FRP composite rebar (specifically BFRP) makes them easier to operate while being noticeably faster than the machines sold by competitors.


The Lean Green FRP Rebar Machine™ is offered in a single and double line model, with the double line model capable of producing 2 different sized bar at once. Our machines are capable of running anything from 1/4" in size (#2 rebar) to a full 1" (#8). 

As previously mentioned our machines were initially designed to produce BFRP composite rebar, however the original design was adjusted to provide the ability to efficiently produce rebar from the 5 fibers mentioned above. With that being said our machines are still best put to use when purchased to run "glass-state" Basalt fiber, which Basalt World Corp sees as the future of concrete reinforcement for its many strengths and advantages over its competition.

B.W.C. will team up with Rock Rebar Inc., and will be selling Rock Rebar's special Fiber / Resin packages to be used along with our machines. These packages contain exactly what the machines were originally designed and optimized to run (RockRebar® approved basalt fiber & special epoxy resin).

When our RockRebar® packages are used with our machines it re-ensures our customers that they are producing what we believe, and what testing has proved to be, one of the highest quality FRP composite rebar products on the market while leaving behind the lowest possible carbon footprint. 


Our machines are capable of running BFRP, GFRP, CFRP, AFRP, and HFRP (hemp), they can also run the following resins; Epoxy Anhydride, Epoxy Amine, Epoxy Bio Resins, Vinyl Ester and Polyester


Our machines can run rebar in half the time that it takes others, capable of running 2 meters per minute (PER LINE)! Meaning that a double line model can run 4 meters of bar per minute, capable of running 2 separate sizes at different speeds


Our machines were designed with the end user in mind, and can be operated with a small low skilled / low wage labor crew. Minimal floor space / square footage is needed for successful setup and operation


Because our machines don't use hydraulic pumps they're extremely quiet, creating safer working environments for the operators, and harmful chemicals are not needed to run BFRP composite rebar


Technology is being developed to allow our machines to talk to its operators through a B.W.C. phone/computer based application


We have technology which will take BFRP composite rebar directly off of our machines and onto a coiler for easy packaging of rolls up to 1,000'


When you combine the RockRebar® fiber / resin package with our machine, you know you're creating a well-known, trustworthy product


Our machines use 5 inexpensive dies costing roughly $60 per die, as opposed to the $20,000 - $70,000 "hot" dies, which ware out overtime causing the need for replacement