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RockRebar ®

A Green, Sustainable Alternative to Rusty, Steel Rebar

Basalt World Corp's innovative solution to our nations crumbling infrastructure

RockRebar® is based on one component, NATURALLY renewable Basalt rock (lava). Basalt covers 70% of the earth's surface. Unlike fiberglass you don't need toxic chemicals to create Basalt and no contaminated waste is created from its production. Basalt is abundant, cost effective, self-sustainable and eco-friendly. Basalt rock is crushed and loaded into a furnace where it’s melted at extreme temperatures. The molten rock is further processed by being drawn through platinum bushings. As the fibers are drawn from the bushings, they are stretched taut, decreasing their diameter up to 90 percent. Finally, the basalt exits the assembly as a continuous, "glass-state" fiber, which is referred to as continuous basalt fiber (or CBF).

We take thousands of continuous strands of Basalt fiber which are compressed until they form a cylinder-type shape. During this process, they are coated with our proprietary epoxy resin, which acts like an adhesive to give the RockRebar® an enhanced bonding surface. Before the final setting, a Dacron strand is wrapped tightly around the fibers, creating a shape change to ensure it will grip with the concrete. A coating of sand is then applied to the bundle. The final result is RockRebar®, an industry recognized, innovative replacement for traditional black steel rebar.

RockRebar® is a product that when tested by the University of Miami's Engineering lab, proved to be only 1/4th the weight of traditional steel rebar, yet proved to have a tensile strength 2.5X stronger. The June 2016 official printing of AC-454 now labels continuous basalt fiber and a special, man-made E-CR (corrosion resistant) fiberglass as sufficiently similar in overall performance as to be interchangeable for use in producing FRP concrete reinforcements. Brown Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer (BFRP) composite rebar and white man-made fiberglass (GFRP) composite rebar are now the only two “glass state”, structural fibers officially recognized for concrete reinforcement. 


Since Basalt products never rust, we believe RockRebar® will vastly reduce the need to repair and replace our nations infrastructure, saving taxpayers billions of dollars. With its durability, strength and longevity, basalt has no true rival; it will undoubtedly be the last rock standing.

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